Dear Friends and Readers, 

Just this past December, during our annual Winter Break Camp, we had a Superhero and Villains day. The two week theme was “Alternate Reality” and each day had its own mini-theme. What better way to kick off than with an epic battle between good and evil? 

Here is what we did: 


Each camp day starts with a mini activity or series of mini activities. Our icebreakers for the day were “Pass the Superpower” and “Practice the Superpower.”

  • In “Pass the Superpower,” kids had a super power (an object to be passed) that they were sending around a circle to protect it from the “villains” (staff). They could “whiz” (pass), “boink” (reverse), or “zap” (pass across) while staff around the outside of the circle reached in to grab the super power. We used a large building block because it was there, but anything would work. 
  • In “Practice the Superpower,” kids spread out throughout the room and had to freeze. I would shout out a super power and kids would have to practice that power. I would then shout out another, and while still practicing the first, they would practice the second. When we got to three, I would shout out “regular person” and they would go back to having no powers. Example: “You can lay magical eggs!” “You can roar as loud as a lion” “You can jump higher than a Kangaroo!” *Kids pretend to lay eggs (the faces were great!), while roaring, while jumping. 

Super Hero Team Quest.

“Help! A Super Villain of the very worst kind has invaded the Boys and Girls Club! He has placed 8 objects of mass destruction throughout the club and we need your help to find them!”

  • THE QUEST: Members were asked to help us save the club and collet these objects of mass destruction. No one, however, can complete a quest without superpowers. Kids would need to collect super powers along the way. These powers would allow them to enter different rooms and spaces in the building where they could retrieve the objects. Members were divided into groups, assigned a staff member, and let loose to reach their destiny!
  • OBJECTS OF MASS DESTRUCTION: 8 sheets of paper with the words “Object of Mass Destruction” were hidden throughout the club for each team (4 teams = 32 sheets total). It was each teams mission to find all 8. 
  • SPACES: In order to find them, teams had to earn the right to enter the rooms in which they were hidden by having the correct super powers. Each room was labeled as a different place. The requirements to enter were posted on the doors. Some of the places we used and their requirements for entering were: 
      • The Jungle (kids must be able to sing tigers to sleep)
      • The Ocean (kids must be able to breathe under water, stay warm and be invisible)
      • The Sky (members must be able to leap tall buildings and fly)
      • Outer Space (members must be able to fly and stay warm)
      • The Alligator Swamp (members must be able to breathe under water)
      • The Olympics (members must be able to leap tall buildings, have super strength and have super speed)
      • The Quarry (members must have super strength)
      • The Racetrack (members must have super speed)
  • SUPER POWERS: Matching superpowers were placed throughout the club for kids to be able to collect, but each had a few strings attached. In order to keep the super power and not loose it, members had to practice it or represent it. Instructions for what was required were written on each sheet of paper that the kids needed to find.  Here are some of the superpowers we used:  
      • Singing Animals to Sleep.  Whenever the team is in the hallway (the jungle), the team must be singing the whole time so that the tigers don’t wake up. 
      • Super Speed. When they get this power, they must all run in place for 5 minutes as a team. Then, upon entering any room after that, 1 member must run in place for at least 1 minute. 
      • Super Strength. When they get this power, they must all do 10 pushups. For the rest of the game, one member must have their arms flexed. 
      • Ability to Stay Warm. One member must put on an extra coat/sweater for the rest of the game. 
      • Ability to Breathe Underwater. One member must plug their nose for the rest of the game. 
      • Ability to Fly. One member must flap their arms like wings for the rest of the game.
      • Ability to Leap Tall Buildings. One member must hop/jump for the rest of the game.
      • Invisibility:  One member must go to the front desk to get an “invisibility” cloak. At least one member of the team must wear the cloak for the rest of the game. 
  • A Few Notes/Tips: 
    • We let kids switch powers to take turns/take breaks. 
    • If you replicate, be sure that it make sense logically. Kids can’t get the power to fly unless they are able to get into the room where that power is. If the power to fly is housed in the room that requires the power of strength, but you can’t get to the power of strength without going into a room that requires the power to fly, then the game becomes impossible. Map it out logically before you set up the game.  
    • Teams finish at different times. Make sure that you have a space where kids can go when they are done, or that staff are prepared to entertain them. It can easily be up to a half hour difference between finishing times. 
    • We have tried games like this with staff being stationary and with staff wandering with teams. Each group having a staff with them works the best, by far. 

Super Hero Hangman. 

  • This was a “we have extra time and need an extra game” activity. I gave staff a list of “superhero” themed words and phrases, and they added their own playing with kids. 
  • Kids at our club LOVE hangman. They could play it for hours. Other simple games can be adapted to fit themes as well (pictionary, charades, 20 questions, etc). 

Make Your Own Super Hero

  • Members were divided into their same teams. 
  • Each team had to dress up and create a “back story” for at least one superhero or villain. Most teams ended up dressing up every team member as a different character. We gave them about an hour. They had a blast!
What Superhero games and activities have you used?
~Miss Brenda